Mount Pleasant Motorcycle Traffic Laws

State motorcycle laws are meant to keep you safe on the open road when other motorists share it with you. However, you can perform safety checks, comply with every law, and wear a helmet and reflective gear but still fall victim to injuries because a negligent motorist was daydreaming and did not see you.

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety estimates that every three days, a motorcyclist is killed in an accident. It is good to know the Mount Pleasant motorcycle traffic laws you should follow, but if a motorist is responsible for entangling you in twisted metal, an experienced attorney could help you file an injury lawsuit.

State Helmet Laws

When you are younger than 21, South Carolina requires you to wear protective helmets that cover all sides of your head, with face shields or goggles and a chin strap. Bikers over 21 do not have to wear helmets, but the World Health Organization (WHO) cautions that you are putting yourself at an increased risk for serious or fatal injuries, with helmets estimated to reduce fatalities by 42 percent and serious injuries by 69 percent. These helmet regulations could affect a motorcycle accident claim in Mount Pleasant.

Motorcycle Headlight Regulations

Motorcycles in Mount Pleasant need to have certain lighting per state law. This includes one white light mounted on the front of the bike that illuminates the area for at least 500 feet and a rear red light or reflector that can also be seen from 500 feet away. Bikes must be equipped with brake lights, called stop lamps, to alert other motorists the rider is stopping, slowing, or turning. Motorcyclists must always use lights, not just at night.

Fixtures on the Motorcycle

Motorcycle laws in Mount Pleasant include displaying horizontally affixed license plates on the bike’s rear under South Carolina Code Section 56-3-1240, with an exception for vertical mounts. Riders cannot apply for license plates unless they have proper training and law enforcement acts quickly to rid the roads of non-licensed motorcyclists.

Riders also cannot affix anything to their bikes that blocks lighting or license plates, and they cannot display obscene bumper stickers that inflame the sensibilities of others, possibly leading to road rage or other confrontations. 

Following Other Traffic and Operator Rules

All motorists in Mount Pleasant must follow traffic and operators’ rules dictating speed limits and other safety measures. Motorcyclists are not allowed to ride on sidewalks, which could endanger pedestrians, but they are allowed to ride in a full lane on South Carolina roads, including two abreast in that lane. You must be at least 15 to obtain a motorcycle operator’s permit, and a bike must provide footrests for riders and passengers. Rearview mirrors are also required.

Call Us to Discuss Mount Pleasant Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Despite the care you take to follow traffic and safety rules applicable to motorcycles, accidents still happen. When a motorist causes one in which you are injured, our attorneys can negotiate with the insurers and litigate on your behalf. Most attorneys find it easier to accept an insurer’s settlement offer, even if it is not commensurable with what an injured client will need to live in dignity while recuperating. We have extensive experience as litigators and believe your suffering is worth something more than a settlement more favorable to an insurer’s shareholders.

We offer free consultations to our valued prospective clients. When we mutually agree to work together, we only get paid when we win your injury case. If you followed Mount Pleasant motorcycle traffic laws and were still injured because a motorist was negligent, call us and learn how we can help. 

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