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When family law matters such as child custody issues become contentious, it may be necessary to designate someone to serve as the voice for your child’s best interests. In the legal process, this role is called the guardian ad litem. There are numerous situations where a guardian ad litem may enter the picture—both parties to a divorce may agree to use one, or the court may decide that the child will be best served by having one.

A Mount Pleasant guardian ad litem at Geel & Gentry, LLC could provide more information about this process and help you make the best decisions for your family. Our experienced attorneys are here to answer your questions and work with you in determining an appropriate course of action in cases involving a guardian ad litem.

Understanding the Duties of a Guardian ad Litem

A guardian ad litem in Mount Pleasant is a legal advocate for the child to ensure their interests are safeguarded throughout a family law dispute, such as a custody case, child support matter, or the termination or recognition of parental rights. The role of a guardian ad litem is multi-faceted.

In addition to advocating for the child’s interests, the guardian ad litem serves as an assistant to the court. The guardian ad litem’s job is to delve deep into the circumstances underpinning the custody case or other dispute and convey their findings to the court. The results of this investigation can help the court to decide the outcome of the matter in question, such as the ultimate assessment of custody and visitation time allotted to either of the child’s parents.

What Happens After a Guardian ad Litem is Appointed?

When a guardian ad litem is assigned to a family law case in Mount Pleasant, the investigation process may entail a series of steps and factors that the court will consider when deciding on the matter. In the context of a custody case, the guardian ad litem may consider elements such as:

  • The desires of each of the child’s parents
  • The child’s desires
  • The level of collaboration between each parent

The guardian ad litem will use these factors to inform the details of the report they will present to the court. They will also frequently visit each parent’s home to evaluate these respective home environments. Often, they will conduct lengthy interviews with each parent and the child.

Investigating the Family Matter

The guardian ad litem will investigate the situation and present their findings to the judge. This investigation could include interviewing the child’s other family members, doctors, and teachers. The guardian ad litem can analyze relevant records and reports, such as educational and medical records, to ensure they reach a complete and detailed final report.

The overarching interests of the child will remain the guardian ad litem’s primary concern. While the court has the final say, the investigation conducted by the guardian ad litem and the details of their report can serve as a vital guide for the judge.

Consult a Mount Pleasant Guardian ad Litem at Our Firm

There are many benefits to having a guardian ad litem assigned to your family law matter. However, we understand you may have many questions and concerns about their role in your case.

A Mount Pleasant guardian ad litem at our firm has the experience and background to answer your questions and ensure your case proceeds smoothly. Call Geel & Gentry, LLC today to set up a free consultation with a member of our team.

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