Mount Pleasant Motorcycle Helmet Laws

In the past decade, motorcycle ownership has grown significantly in the Mount Pleasant area. The warm weather and sunny days create the perfect opportunity for great riding conditions. However, when people crash their bikes, motorcycle accidents can result in life-altering injuries. Head injuries are a concern for many bikers in wrecks because the local laws mandating helmets are so lenient. If you would like to learn more about Mount Pleasant motorcycle helmet laws, a skilled local attorney could offer guidance and advice.

National Laws Regarding Helmets

Most states have some laws mandating the use of helmets by motorcycle riders and passengers. Only three have no laws requiring motorcycle helmets. People in those states never have to wear a helmet. At the other extreme, some states require all riders and passengers to wear safety helmets. The remaining states, including South Carolina, have age-related laws. The helmet regulations in Mount Pleasant follow state law. 

Relevant Laws Regarding Helmets

According to South Carolina Code of Laws Section 56-5-3660, riders and passengers who are 20 and under must wear safety helmets on a motorcycle or motorized bike. The helmet must conform to specific requirements regarding its design and include a neck or chin strap and reflectors on both sides. Bikers and passengers under the age of 21 must also wear goggles and face shields that meet the requirements of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. Our seasoned Mount Pleasant attorneys from Geel & Gentry, LLC could help explain the relevant local helmet laws. 

Head Injuries are More Likely to Occur Without Helmets in Motorcycle Crashes

When motorcycles get into accidents, riders frequently experience devastating harm. Unlike cars that have bumpers, steel frames, airbags, and seatbelts, motorcycles offer no safety protections for their riders. Consequently, injuries in motorcycle wrecks often change or even destroy people’s lives. Severe injuries can occur even when motorcycles are traveling relatively slowly, even if there is no direct contact with a car or other vehicle. Many of these injuries happen when a rider or passenger gets thrown from their bike. 

Helmets can prevent some deaths and severe injuries. Research has shown that there are significantly fewer fatalities in states with mandatory helmet laws for all bikers. While helmets cannot stop all types of harm for bikers, they can prevent some or lessen the severity of some types of head injuries, such as concussions and brain bleeds. They can also prevent severe facial lacerations that could lead to disfiguring scars. 

Regardless of whether someone in Mount Pleasant was or was not wearing a helmet per state law, our dedicated legal professionals could help injured riders and passengers seek compensation for their serious injuries. 

Talk to a Mount Pleasant Lawyer About Motorcycle Helmet Requirements

When you or your loved one experienced debilitating harm in a motorcycle crash, you deserve help. You might be eligible to pursue compensation from the driver of the vehicle that struck you or caused you to fall off your bike. 

Our experienced local attorneys could investigate a motorcycle crash to see what happened. We could review the evidence from the crash scene to get a clear understanding of what went wrong and who played a role. 

When you are worried that you might not be entitled to pursue a legal claim because you did not comply with Mount Pleasant motorcycle helmet laws, an attorney could help. Call now to learn more about your legal options.

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