School Bus Accidents in Mount Pleasant

The government strictly regulates school buses and the student transit industry to ensure children have safe transportation to and from school daily. They are the most controlled vehicles on the roads and highways.

Even so, accidents occur, and some of them result in young people suffering severe injuries. A lawyer seasoned in school bus accidents in Mouth Pleasant could help you pursue rightful compensation for your losses and guide you through the legal process. Call one of our hard-working bus crash attorneys today.

Causes of School Bus Crashes

School buses can get in collisions for the same reason as any other motorists on the roadways, and some of the most common causes include:

  • Speeding or reckless driving
  • Poor weather and road conditions
  • Failure to obey traffic signals, signs, and regulations
  • Bus operators and other motorists driving with distractions
  • Inexperienced operators or those receiving inadequate training
  • Illegally passing school buses while children are loading or unloading putting them in severe danger of physical harm

Every year, when students head back to school, there is an uptick in accidents caused by the recklessness of motorists. Determining fault is necessary for recovering damages after a bus crash involving students in Mount Pleasant.

Proving Liability After a Crash

Determining liability for bus stop crashes requires a thorough investigation and evidence analysis. The potential at-fault parties include:

The Bus Operator

If the investigation shows that the bus operator was distracted or failed to follow traffic safety laws, they could be defendants in the lawsuit. An attorney skilled in handling school bus crashes in Mount Pleasant could request a copy of the video footage from cameras inside the vehicle to review the operator’s actions leading up to the collision.

The Transportation Company That Employs the Driver

Transportation companies that employ bus drivers must provide extensive training, carry out regular drug and alcohol testing, and ensure the operators are physically healthy. If they fail to adhere to the regulations and a crash occurs, they could be liable.

Third-Party Drivers

Third-party drivers are often in a rush and attempt to cut buses off or fail to adhere to the stop signs when children are entering or entering the vehicle. When they cause accidents, the court will hold them financially accountable.

Motorists Must Stop For School Buses

Many accidents happen that lead to children suffering severe and fatal injuries because motorists fail to adhere to school bus traffic laws. According to the instruction of The South Carolina Department of Public Safety, when school buses are preparing to stop, and amber lights are flashing, or they are stopped with red lights flashing, drivers on any two-way road must stop and wait for notice that they may proceed. They must also come to a complete stop when traveling on a multi-lane highway, heading in the same direction as the school bus.

Failing to adhere to the traffic regulations will result in a citation and other civil or criminal penalties when students suffer injuries due to motorist negligence. A lawyer skilled with Mount Pleasant school bus crashes could answer questions about the applicable rules and regulations and help collect a settlement from the liable party.

Meet With a Practiced Attorney About Mount Pleasant School Bus Accidents

Many parents rely on buses to transport their kids to and from school every day. When children sustain injuries because of negligence, civil laws allow you to seek compensation from the at-fault party.

Hard-working lawyers experienced with school bus accidents in Mount Pleasant could help you prove fault and collect a fair award. Call today to schedule your free consultation.

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