Drunk Driving Bus Accidents in Mount Pleasant

Driving any car while impaired by alcohol or drugs is a hazard and places everyone on the roadways at unnecessary risk of accidents leading to severe injuries or death. It is particularly reckless for bus operators. They not only place passengers they are transporting in harm’s way but are also a hazard for every motorist, pedestrian, and cyclist around them.

Due to their massive size and weight, bus collisions can have devastating consequences. When operators cause accidents because of impairment, you must hold them accountable for their reckless actions. A lawyer skilled with drunk driving bus accidents in Mount Pleasant could help you pursue compensation for any losses. Call one of our knowledgeable bus accident attorneys if you need help with a case.

Common Carrier Crash Injuries

Bus drivers are legally obligated to always act responsibly and use caution to avoid causing people bodily harm and other losses. Some injuries that commonly occur in collisions include:

An attorney knowledgeable about drunk driving bus crashes in Mount Pleasant could carry out an extensive investigation and evidence review to help build a claim for damages. They could answer your specific questions about the process and potential damages at the free consultation.

Possible Damages in Injury Cases

Some possible damages include medical bills, lost pay, and work and medical equipment benefits. Other noneconomic damages include physical suffering and pain, loss of life enjoyment, inconvenience, and emotional distress.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Laws

Bus driving companies must adhere to federal and state rules and regulations to prevent intoxicated bus operators from getting behind the wheel. According to the South Carolina Department of Transportation, the state adheres to federal drug and alcohol testing programs to ensure the safety of passengers.

They must obtain a commercial driver’s license CDL and submit to testing as the regulations require. Bus drivers must never consume alcohol on duty or four hours before their shift begins. When they are involved in collisions, they cannot consume alcoholic beverages for eight hours after the traffic incident. Bus operators must submit to the following:

  • Pre-employment testing
  • Pre-bus operating toxicology screening within 30 days of their first shift
  • Random drug and alcohol and drug testing
  • Post-accident toxicology screening
  • Reasonable suspicion testing

Violations under the legislation include refusing to provide a specimen for testing, a positive drug or alcohol test or submitting a diluted or altered sample. An employer who allows a driver to return to work after a violation will face fines and other penalties from the South Carolina State Transport Police. After reviewing the details and evidence of a drunk driving bus crash, a Mount Pleasant lawyer could answer specific questions about the regulations and personal injury statutes.

Speak With a Knowledgeable Attorney About Mount Pleasant Drunk Driving Bus Accidents

The state laws require that everyone act responsibly and avoid causing harm to others. That is especially true for bus drivers with a CDL. Operators must adhere to a long list of federal and state regulations. Failing to comply could result in civil and criminal prosecution.

Call a lawyer skilled in drunk driving bus accidents in Mount Pleasant to review your case and options. Our office has the experience to defend your rights and fight for the just award amount you deserve. We work on a contingency basis and will not collect a fee unless you win a settlement. Please call soon to schedule your free consultation.

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