Mount Pleasant Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog bite or attack can be traumatic, leaving you physically and mentally scarred. Although taking legal action might feel impossible while recovering from severe injuries, you are not alone.

State law allows you to collect damages from the pet’s owner through a civil lawsuit. A Mount Pleasant dog bite lawyer from Geel & Gentry, LLC, could handle every aspect of your case while you focus on healing. Our experienced legal team could work to collect the compensation you deserve and hold the negligent party accountable.

The Steps to Take After a Dog Bite or Animal Attack

You can take steps to protect yourself after suffering injuries from a dog bite or attack. The sooner you reach out to a dog bite lawyer at our Mount Pleasant firm, the sooner we can begin supporting you in your recovery.

Seek Medical Care

Seeking medical care after a dog bite or animal attack immediately, or at least within 24 hours, is essential. A healthcare professional can ensure the wound is not infected. Getting medical records is also vital for an injury claim to recover damages.

Exchange Information With the Pet Owner

Exchange contact and homeowners’ insurance company information with the pet owner. If there are witnesses to the attack, collect their contact information as well for evidence to support the civil case.

Contact the Local Police Department or Animal Control

Finally, it is crucial to report the animal attack to the local animal control or police department. Generally, the medical care facility will contact an agency to alert them of the attack, but you should ensure you receive the report. A Mount Pleasant lawyer at our firm could help take the proper steps after a dog attack and gather the evidence needed to build a solid claim for damages.

South Carolina Dog Bite Statute

The state dog bite regulations do not follow a one-bite rule like many other states. Instead, if a person’s pet causes harm to others without provocation, they are responsible for covering the damages. According to the South Carolina Code of Laws Annotated § 47-3-110, pet owners are financially liable for damages that occur as the result of a dog bite or attack under the following circumstances:

  • An individual sustains injuries from the property owner’s dog by bite or attack
  • The dog attacked the person in public or after inviting them to enter the premises
  • The dog bit or attacked a person who was not provoking them

Our local attorneys could answer questions about the applicable dog bite statutes and help build a case to recover compensation for your losses.

Dog Bite Injuries and Premises Liability

Dog bite cases fall within an area of law called premises liability, in which the law holds property owners liable for injuries occurring because of hazards on their property. The compensation you can get from a dog bite lawsuit depends on various circumstances.

The court will consider your actions leading up to the incident, the extent of your injuries, and your reason for being on the premises. When dog owners invite people to their property, they must take reasonable actions to ensure their visitors are safe. The law follows a strict liability rule, and the pet owner is liable for injuries the pet causes to others, even if it has no history of aggression.

Meet With a Knowledgeable Dog Bite Attorney in Mount Pleasant

A dog bite or attack is traumatizing and can leave you with painful injuries and other losses. When unprovoked dogs attack, South Carolina law allows injured victims to hold the pet owner financially accountable.

A Mount Pleasant dog bite lawyer at our firm can help you collect a fair settlement amount to cover your damages and losses. Call Geel & Gentry, LLC, today for a free consultation about your case.

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