Front-End Car Accidents in Mount Pleasant

Front-end car accidents occur when the front parts of two or more vehicles collide with each other. They are also referred to as head-on collisions and can happen due to a wide range of reasons. No matter how a front-end accident happens, it can be terrifying for everyone involved. Both temporary and permanent injuries can result from front-end collisions, as well as fatalities.

If you have experienced a head-on car crash, you have legal options for financial recovery. Life can change dramatically in the blink of an eye, and most people are not prepared to handle the mountain of bills that follow an unexpected accident. Our team of legal professionals may be able to help you hold another driver accountable for your damages. Our car collision attorneys have years of experience litigating claims and can help you get the results you need when you have experienced a front-end car accident in Mount Pleasant.

Common Types of Injuries

Front-end car accidents regularly result in serious injury because they often include speeding, direct impacts, and violations of the law. The following types of injuries are some of the most common:

Neck and Spinal Injuries

These happen due to whiplash, where there is a sudden extension of the neck. Whiplash can affect all parts of the neck and shoulders. People may experience herniated discs, tissue injuries, or spinal cord damage. Severe spinal injuries can result in immobility or permanent disability.

Head and Brain Injuries

The impact of a front-end car crash can make riders’ heads hit the windshield, dashboard, and other surfaces inside their vehicle. A large range of painful consequences can result, like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), concussions, or skull fractures, with long-term effects on mental function, memory, and the ability to move.

Chest and Abdominal Injuries

A front-end car crash can cause riders’ chests to hit the steering wheel or seat belt, resulting in broken ribs, collapsed lungs, or internal damage.

Facial Injuries

In front-end vehicle collisions, riders’ faces are easily injured. People can suffer facial fractures, lacerations, or eye injuries. They may need surgery and can have long-term cosmetic and functional effects.

It is important to check for injuries immediately after a vehicle crash. An injured person should receive medical care and document their harm quickly, as doctors’ reports and photos can serve as convincing evidence later on. If you suffered significant damage in a head-on collision in Mount Pleasant, it is wise to consult with an attorney to understand your legal options.

Proving a Front-End Crash Claim

To win an injury case, a person must successfully prove that the other party is responsible for their losses. In a head-on collision, demonstrating that can be difficult. To prove liability, a person and their attorney must show the other party breached the standard of care that was owed to them. They also must prove the at-fault party’s breach caused the accident and resulted in the plaintiff’s damages. As an example, a person could argue the other party had a duty to them and other drivers to drive safely and legally, but the other party breached that by driving drunk and colliding with the injured person’s vehicle head-on, causing their herniated disc.

Many causes of a collision can affect whom an injured person can sue. Some common examples of influential factors include driving under the influence, bad weather, road conditions, and speeding. These different factors can affect how many parties can be held at fault for injuries. For example, if the at-fault party was a delivery person, a person could charge the company the liable driver worked for. As another example, if the other driver’s car parts (such as the brakes or tires) were defective and caused the accident, the manufacturer or distributor of defective auto parts could be held liable. Our attorneys have ample experience with front-end car crash lawsuits in Mount Pleasant and know what factors to look out for when working on a case.

Reach Out to Our Firm for Help With a Front-End Car Accident Lawsuit in Mount Pleasant

When you have experienced a head-on collision and are trying to navigate the legal world on your own, life can feel overwhelming and confusing. An experienced attorney could help you navigate the intricacies of lawsuits and communicate with insurance companies to win the best compensation possible. From negotiating with insurance companies to presenting evidence before a jury, our practiced attorneys will handle the stress of the legal world for you. We do not get paid unless you get paid, and our extensive trial experience sets us apart from other local firms. Contact us today for real results after front-end car accidents in Mount Pleasant.

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